Notifier Fire Alarm

Customized, installed and serviced by Digifier, Inc.

The fire alarm company that protects your most valuable assets.

Fire Alarm System Design

Digifier, Inc. will work with you to define your specific fire alarm needs. We will design a complete, fully integrated Notifier solution that achieves your objectives—efficiently and cost effectively. All our solutions conform to the NFPA 72 National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code from the National Fire Protection Association, as well as to your state and local fire safety and building codes, insurance mandates and corporate requirements.

Fire Alarm System Estimation

Digifier, Inc. has the extensive knowledge, wide-ranging experience and mastery of detail to accurately estimate the cost of your custom Notifier fire alarm and life safety system. No guesswork, no hidden costs or fees. No matter what type of new or older building you need to protect, we promise an honest, thorough estimate of the total costs and time to completion, fairly priced by one of the most trusted fire alarm companies in Los Angeles.

Fire Alarm Installs & Retrofits

Digifier, Inc. has years of experience installing and retrofitting Notifier fire protection and life safety systems for clients throughout Los Angeles. We can work in any type of building, old or new, even if it’s under construction. From a downtown office tower to a suburban corporate campus, as well as condos or apartments, manufacturing or warehouse facilities, even older structures with outmoded, noncompliant or malfunctioning fire alarm systems.

Fire Alarm Testing & Inspections

Experience peace of mind knowing that your Notifier fire protection and life safety system is performing optimally and continues to meet all codes and regulations. The experts at Digifier, Inc. can test and inspect your Notifier fire alarm, building communications, emergency lighting, central station signaling systems and other fire protection and life safety features. We can also minimize disruptions to tenants and employees.

Maintenance & Repair

Digifier, Inc. expertly maintains and repairs fire alarm systems from every major manufacturer, and we are factory-authorized to service Notifier fire alarm and life safety systems and components. As a Notifier distributor we have an in-depth technical understanding of these highly advanced systems that other companies cannot match. Our technicians are also on call around the clock for emergency repairs with locally stocked replacement parts.

Fire Alarm Experts

We partner closely with our customers and fire departments to offer fire alarm installations based on the highest standards of engineering quality and technical workmanship. Our highly trained and professional technicians are all systems-certified. We can also service and maintain systems from any other fire alarm manufacturer.

Notifier Alarm Products

Notifier is the largest manufacturer of engineered fire alarm systems in the world. As a distributor, Digifier, Inc. is one of the leading full service Fire and Life Safety Companies in the Los Angeles area.


The NFS2-3030 is the complete solution for large scale applications requiring superior performance.


The NFS-320 is engineered for small applications, establishing fire protection in seconds.