Fire Alarm System Design

Digifier, Inc. will work in partnership with you to expertly define your specific fire alarm needs. We will then carefully design a Notifier fire alarm and life safety solution that achieves your objectives—precisely, efficiently and cost effectively. All our solutions conform to the NFPA 72 National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code from the National Fire Protection Association, as well as to state and local fire safety and building codes, insurance mandates and corporate requirements.

We will design your fire protection and life safety system to be complete and fully integrated. As an authorized Notifier distributor, we can incorporate the most advanced fire protection products in the industry into your custom solution.

World-class Notifier fire alarm products include:

  • ONYX Series control panels
  • Digital Voice Command or First Command communications systems
  • Intelligent devices, such as photoelectric, thermal and infrared detectors
  • Intelligent relay, control and monitor modules
  • Bi-directional signal boosters for emergency radio communications
  • System sensor horns, horn strobes, speakers, chimes, bells and frequency sounders
  • SWIFT wireless detectors and gateways
  • VESDA-E intelligent aspirating smoke detectors
  • Industrial and commercial gas and flame detectors
  • Explosion-proof signaling devices
  • Networked mobile monitoring software solutions and hardware
  • Networked systems such the ONYXWorks single-point-of-control workstation
  • Annunciators and communicators
  • Power supplies, chargers and batteries

Whether your building is new or under construction, or an older structure that requires a fire alarm system retrofit, the experts at Digifier, Inc. will design a complete, code-compliant NOTIFIER fire protection and life safety solution for your unique requirements.

Notifier and Digifier, Inc.

Notifier’s fire and emergency communication systems have been the trusted solution for life safety for over six decades, continually innovating to become the most advanced and sophisticated solutions available. Digifier, Inc. is a leading authorized Notifier distributor. We will work closely with you to customize, install and service the Notifier system that is right for your business today, and evolves to meet tomorrow’s needs as well.