SWIFT stands for Smart Wireless Integrated Fire Technology. SWIFT is NOTIFIER’s Class A commercial wireless system using a robust mesh network that integrates with existing ONYX® intelligent fire systems. SWIFT sensors detect fire, just like their wired counterparts, while providing installation flexibility in a wireless format. SWIFT devices provide an opportunity for applications where it is costly (concrete walls/ceilings, buried wires), obtrusive (surface mount conduit), or possibly dangerous (asbestos) to use traditional wired devices.

Customized, installed and serviced by Digifier, Inc., your SWIFT wireless system can use any combination of monitor modules, smoke and/or heat detectors. In addition, both wired and wireless devices are present on the same FACP providing an integrated wired-wireless solution for increased installation potential.

The mesh network within the SWIFT system creates a child-parent relationship between the devices. If one device can no longer operate for any reason, then the rest of the devices can still directly communicate with each other or through one or more intermediate devices.

SWIFT devices act as repeaters (unlike point to point systems) offering the freedom to extend the mesh when needed and providing inherent back-up against system disruption. They employ frequency hopping to prevent system interference. SWIFT devices comply with part 15 of the FCC rules, and UL268 and UL864 standards, including 200 second polling and system response of devices within 10 seconds.

Encrypted Security

The SWIFT system uses an encryption key. Each message is encrypted to prevent miscommunication with other devices. As part of the set-up process, devices are assigned a “profile” which limits communication to a designated gateway.

Seamless Operation

The SWIFT system is designed to work with current ONYX® fire alarm control panels, a wireless gateway (FWSG), and the wireless devices (detectors and module). The W-USB is an optional wireless transmitter which aids in the site survey, mesh formation, and diagnostics of the system.

NOTIFIER and Digifier, Inc.

NOTIFIER’s fire and emergency communication systems have been the trusted solution for life safety for over six decades, continually innovating to become the most advanced and sophisticated solutions available. Digifier, Inc. is a leading authorized NOTIFIER distributor. We will work closely with you to customize, install and service the NOTIFIER system that is right for your business today, and evolves to meet tomorrow’s needs as well.