Fire Alarm System Estimation

Every fire alarm system is a unique solution, with a host of variables, from local codes and regulations to corporate safety and insurance requirements. Digifier, Inc. has the extensive knowledge, wide-ranging experience and mastery of detail to accurately estimate the cost of your custom NOTIFIER fire alarm and life safety system. We promise an honest, thorough estimate of the total costs and time to completion, fairly priced by one of the most trusted fire alarm companies in Los Angeles.

We have estimated fire control and life safety systems for virtually every type and size of new or older building you can find in Los Angeles. We will work closely with you to deeply understand all of your needs. We are also very sensitive to your budget and scheduling issues.

Every consideration is carefully addressed as we estimate system and component costs, installation, materials, labor, permits and other expenses, as well an ongoing maintenance and support. No guesswork, no hidden costs or fees, no unpleasant surprises down the road. As clients throughout Greater Los Angeles have discovered, you can depend on Digifier, Inc.

Notifier and Digifier, Inc.

Notifier’s fire and emergency communication systems have been the trusted solution for life safety for over six decades, continually innovating to become the most advanced and sophisticated solutions available. Digifier, Inc. is a leading authorized Notifier distributor. We will work closely with you to customize, install and service the Notifier system that is right for your business today, and evolves to meet tomorrow’s needs as well.