NOTIFIER’s ONYX Series intelligent fire alarm systems respond rapidly to incipient fire signatures with unmatched precision. At the same time, they significantly reduce the occurrence of nuisance alarms. It’s all made possible by NOTIFIER’s ONYX Advanced Detection technology, which maximizes speed, stability, and reliability.

Customized, installed and serviced by Digifier, Inc., ONYX Advanced Detection comprises a set of complex software algorithms found in all ONYX Series fire alarm panels and a suite of advanced, specialty detectors. Used together, these elements extend ONYX Intelligent Sensing capabilities far beyond that of typical spot-type smoke or gas detection. From mission-critical applications where even a trace amount of undetected smoke is unacceptable, to environments where the presence of dust, moisture, or theater smoke is the norm, ONYX Intelligent Sensing is the answer.

Minimize Nuisance Alarms

NOTIFIER’s Cooperative Sensing Technology evaluates sensor readings from up to three adjacent smoke sensors to verify uniform smoke spread, a strong indication of a true fire condition. Based on the sensor data, the panel can quickly determine the difference between a real fire emergency and a nuisance condition.

Customize Detector Sensitivity

Day or night, ONYX Advanced Detection offers nine levels of detector pre-alarm and alarm sensitivity settings. This allows users to optimize each detector’s sensitivity specifically to its individual environment. Sensitivity levels are programmable to alternate automatically between day and night as occupancy changes.

Early Warning in Challenging Environments

Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD) solutions provide early warning of an impending fire hazard. ASD can buy time to investigate an alarm and initiate an appropriate response to prevent injury, property damage, or business disruption. With a wide sensitivity range and multi-level warnings, even minute levels of smoke can be detected before a fire has time to escalate.

Fully Integrated Gas and Flame Detection

Almost anywhere that people gather for work or leisure, indoors or out, there is a potential risk of exposure to toxic or flammable gases. Whether it is a school, dormitory, office building, shopping center, swimming pool, manufacturing plant or warehouse, it is important to protect people, and to comply with legal requirements for gas monitoring. In addition to protecting building occupants, gas detection systems can also prevent untimely and costly business disruptions.

NOTIFIER and Digifier, Inc.

NOTIFIER’s fire and emergency communication systems have been the trusted solution for life safety for over six decades, continually innovating to become the most advanced and sophisticated solutions available. Digifier, Inc. is a leading authorized NOTIFIER distributor. We will work closely with you to customize, install and service the NOTIFIER system that is right for your business today, and evolves to meet tomorrow’s needs as well.