Fire Alarm Installs & Retrofits

Digifier, Inc. has years of experience installing and retrofitting Notifier fire alarm and life safety systems for clients throughout Los Angeles County. We can work in any type of building, old or new, even if it’s under construction. From a downtown office tower to a suburban corporate campus, as well as condos or apartments, manufacturing or warehouse facilities, even older structures with outmoded, noncompliant or malfunctioning fire alarm systems.


Our experts will install a complete, custom NOTIFIER fire alarm and life safety solution. By complete we mean everything from ONYX Series control panels and voice communications systems to gas, flame and smoke detectors, networked mobile monitoring solutions, even power supplies, chargers and batteries. You can be confident that your Notifier fire protection and life safety system is properly installed to function optimally and meet the latest codes and regulations. Trust the fire alarm experts at Digifier, Inc.


There are many reasons why you may need a full retrofit of your fire alarm and life safety system. Perhaps the building is being renovated or expanded, or will be used for a different purpose. The existing system might be obsolete, malfunctioning or noncompliant. There may be significant changes in insurance requirements, or new codes and regulations to meet. Whatever the situation, Digifier, Inc. will retrofit a complete, custom Notifier solution that meets your specific needs.

Notifier and Digifier, Inc.

Notifier’s fire and emergency communication systems have been the trusted solution for life safety for over six decades, continually innovating to become the most advanced and sophisticated solutions available. Digifier, Inc. is a leading authorized Notifier distributor. We will work closely with you to customize, install and service the Notifier system that is right for your business today, and evolves to meet tomorrow’s needs as well.