Intelligent VESDA-E VEA

Intelligent VESDA-E VEA - Addressable aspirated smoke detection directly integrated on the SLC loop


As a multichannel addressable system, the VEA detector is able to divide a protected space in to sampling locations, enabling the localization of potential sources of fire for faster incident response.

VEA detector uses flexible microbore tubes enabling fast and flexible installtion removing the need for electrical code compliance as no wires are used except at the centralized detector. VEA provides assured smoke detection through active sampling, end to end system integrity monitoring, as well as field programmability, enhanced connectivity and reduced total cost of ownership.

Intelligent VESDA-E VEA detectors are seamlessly integrated on the SLC loop with NOTIFIER fire alarm control panels for a complete point addressable early warning fire system.

Two models are available, 40-point VEA with LED only (VEA-040-A00) or LED + LCD display (VEA-040-A10).

Features & Benefits

  • Pinpoint addressability for up to 40 sampling points
  • Alarm and trouble status reporting at the fire alarm control panel without using any additional hardware
  • Assured detection with end to end system integrity monitoring
  • Interruption-free business operation with centralized testing and maintenance
  • Sampling points and tubes blockage detection
  • Automatic sampling point presence and tube breakage detection, and sample point cleaning at set intervals
  • Configuration sampling point sensitivity level selection through VESDA VSC application


  • For use with the NFS-320C, NFS2-640C, and NFS2-3030C fire alarm control panels and operate in FlashScan® mode
  • Uses 45 FlashScan® SLC addresses
  • 40 point addressable microbore tubes with individual sampling points and up to 330 ft individual tube length
  • Detector sensitivity range of 0.006% obs/ft – 4.88% obs/ft with three levels of sampling point sensitivity settings
  • IP40 enclosure
  • iVESDA mobile app for IOS and Android
  • Event log for up to 20,000 events

Refer to datasheet for full technical specification.


  • UL / ULC
  • CSFM