Giant Outdoor Voice

NOTIFIER's Giant Outdoor Voice and LEDArray Series Indoor Displays offer a variety of audible and visual Mass Notification System solutions.


In a wide scale emergency, NOTIFIER’s Giant Outdoor Voice and LEDArray Series Indoor Displays offer mass notification solutions for indoor, outdoor and remote locations. As part of the NFPA 72 requirement for the design and installation of Emergency Communication Systems (ECS), the Department of Defence UFC outlines three primary components of a ECS/ MNS system being an autonomous control unit, a notification appliance network and a “Giant Voice System”. Our notification devices offer you industry leading, code-compliant, life safety devices for a variety of situations.

Features & Benefits:

Giant Outdoor Voice

  • Choose up to ten cells of speakers
  • Speaker array, electronics cabinet, pole top bracket and 50′ cabling all included, all assembled and tested prior to shipping
  • Two or three compartment (Type II & III) natural finish aluminum or stainless steel cabinet
  • Six Standard Public Warning Tones – Wail, Whoop, Attack, Hi-Lo, Alert, Airhorn. VOICE CAPABLE through pre-recorded messages and live public address

LEDArray Series Indoor Displays

  • Simple point-to-point RS232 communications
  • Multi-drop RS485 connections
  • Stores and displays over 80 messages
  • 8 colors and 3 rainbow effects
  • 6 character fonts