Explosion Proof

Eaton's wide range of signaling devices for Explosion-Proof and Hazardous Applications offers the industry's leading solutions for fire and life safety notification.


Eaton’s broad line of life safety appliances offers the industry’s leading series of Explosion Proof/ Hazardous Area Signaling/ Weatherproof devices featuring horns, strobes, speakers, call points, bells and combination units that are fully compatible with NOTIFIER’s integrative systems. All Explosion Proof devices are designed to be corrosion resistant and for use in potentially explosive areas and harsh environmental conditions.

Features & Benefits:

DB1 103dB, Explosion Proof, High Output

  • 4 wire diode monitored connection for operation in supervisory mode
  • Up to 27 output tones, user selectable

DB3 108dB(A), Hazardous Location, Weatherproof

  • 27 tones, user selectable
  • Two tones may be switched via the external voltage supply

DB4 25 Watts, Hazardous Location, Weatherproof

  • 109dBA at 25 watts at 10 feet

XB11 29 Candela, Hazardous Location

  • Various lens cover, 29 candela
  • 4 wire monitored connection

XB12 355 Candela, Hazardous Location

  • Various lens cover
  • 4 wire monitored connection

XB4 21 Joules, Explosion Proof

  • Various lens cover
  • 4 wire monitored connection

XB11/DB3 Heavy Duty Industrial Marine, Weatherproof

  • Strobe available as xenon, filament, fluorescent or LED

SM87 PBL  Explosion-proof, Weatherproof

  • Marine grade alloy
  • Robust yet lightweight

BG & PB Hazardous Location, Weatherproof

  • In line and end of line resistors fitted
  • Optional LED to indicate operation

XB15 Strobes Hazardous Locations, Weatherproof

  • 520,000 peak candlepower
  • Four wires and supervisory diode

XB16 Strobe Hazardous Locations, Weatherproof

  • 580,000 peak candlepower
  • Polycarbonate lens, various colors available

SM87 Strobe 29 Candela

  • Various lens colors
  • Optional lens guard
  • 4 wire monitored connection

XAL-53 Explosion Proof Detector

  • Universal (1) normally open and (1) normally closed contact furnished standard
  • Conduit openings are 3/4″ (19.05 mm) NPT feed-through