DS Series Fiber Modules

DS Series Fiber Option Modules convert audio ports from wire to fiber


The DS Series Fiber Option Modules convert an audio port of supported products (DVC, DAA2, DAX or DS-DB) from wire to fiber allowing the digital audio loop media to be configured for wire, single mode fiber, multi mode fiber or hybrid. This flexibility enables each segment of the digital audio loop to be configured with a different media.

Features and Benefits:

  • Fiber support allowing the preferred fiber (single mode fiber, multi-mode) to be used to achieve greater distance on the digital audio loop, alleviate security concerns associated with wire, ground fault resistance and immunity to the effects of transient voltages such as lightning.


  • Single- and Multi-mode Fiber-Optic Digital Audio Ports: LC Style Connection. Supervised.
  • Fiber optic cable, multi-mode: 50/125 or 62.5/125 micrometers.
  • Fiber optic cable, single-mode: 9/125 micrometers.
  • Attenuation of cabling between two nodes (fiber-optic circuits are point-to-point) must not exceed the maximum allowed attenuation


  • UL Listed: S635.
  • ULC Listed: S635.
  • CSFM: 7165-0028:0234 (NFS2-640/NFS-320), 7165-0028:0224 (NFS2-3030).
  • Fire Dept. of New York: COA#6121 (NFS2-640/NFS-320), COA#6114 (NFS2-3030).
  • FM Approved