Distributed Amplifiers

Distributed audio amplifiers used with First Command, that amplify messages throughout a facility


NOTIFIER’s First Command NFC-50DA, NFC-50/100DA and NFC-125DA are intelligent 50 watt, 100 watt, and 125 watt amplifiers that are used with the NFC-50/100 Emergency Command Center. These distributed audio amplifiers amplify an audio message for distribution throughout a facility when additional audio power is required. They are designed as self-contained units and can be conveniently installed near an area of protection to reduce wiring demands for speaker circuit outputs. For applications that require additional capacity, expand the First Command system’s total wattage and speaker circuit capability.

Features & Benefits:

  • Any combination of up to eight NFC-50DAs, NFC-50/100DAs, or NFC-125DAs per system can be used with the NFC-50/100 for a total of 1100 watts of audio power and 24 speaker circuit outputs.
  • Supports both Class A (Style Z) and Class B (Style Y) wiring.
  • Easy setup and configuration by using a simple, built-in web based programming utility on the NFC-50/100.
  • UL2572 (Communication and Control Units Mass Notification Systems). UL 864 (Emergency Voice Evacuation for Fire).
  • Built-in power supply and battery charger that supports up to 35AH. (For batteries larger than 18 AH, use the BB-26 or NFS-LBB Battery Box.)
  • NFC-50DA and NFC-50/100DA are field selectable for 25Vrms or 70Vrms of operation. NFC-125DA operates at 25 volt.
  • Sturdy, scratch resistant cabinet


  • Distributed Amplifier, 50 watts
  • 4 Speaker Circuits, expandable up to 8 Speaker Circuits
  • Combine up to eight amplifiers for 1100 watts of audio power and 24 speaker circuit outputs


  • UL Listed S635
  • CSFM: 7300-0028:0266
  • Standards and Codes
  • UL 864
  • UL 2572