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There are plenty of fire alarm companies out there. What sets Digifier apart?

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  • Digifier is a fully licensed electrical contractor by the State of California.

  • We are a certified Notifier distributor.

Founded in 2009, Digifier, Inc. is one of the leading full service Fire and Life Safety Companies in the Los Angeles area.  Our growth over the last four years is due to our ability to partner with our customers and the fire departments to offer fire system installations which are based on the highest standards of engineering quality and technical workmanship.  Through these efforts we have become one of the most renowned independent fire alarm contractors in Los Angeles. We specialize in large commercial and retail properties and our installations include some of the most prominent buildings in Los Angeles. References provided upon request.

Our highly trained and professional technicians are certified on systems. We can also provide service and maintenance on any other fire alarm manufacturer systems.

Our services include:

  • Fire alarm system design

  • Fire alarm system estimation

  • Fire alarm system technical specifications

  • Fire alarm system test and inspection

  • Fire alarm system service, maintenance, and repair

  • Fire alarm system installation for new applications, retrofit, and tenant improvements

As a fully licensed C-10 contractor we are able to provide our customers with turnkey installations, and by doing all of our own work we can control and maintain the quality of workmanship to our own specific standards. As specialists in retrofit, installation, maintenance and service of full scale fire detection, we are able to offer a full array of services including communications with other trades and fire departments.

We are based in Los Angeles and are proud to employ some of our industry’s most dedicated, experienced and professional staff, both internally and in the field.  We offer state-of-the-art engineering, service, support and warehouse facilities based locally.  We can deploy installations, support personnel, service equipment, as well as a full complement of materials and spare parts inventory to your facility in a timely and efficient manner.

At Digifier, Inc. we pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service to each and every one of our customers. No other company will offer the individual attention, customized solutions and recommendations that we provide to our customers. We are committed to provide exceptional and reliable service, whether it be a simple water-flow monitoring system or full floor high rise building fire alarm retrofit. Every customer deserves and receives the highest level of care at Digifier.  We truly believe in building mutually beneficial relationships with our customers by saving them money in the short term we build relationships based on trust which will last over time.


Saeid Katal holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science with the major on Artificial Intelligence and he also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics.

With years of experience in optimization, automation, control and instrumentation consulting and contracting Saeid joined Detection Logic Fire Protection, Inc. in February 2002, as Engineering Department Manager. Shortly thereafter, through Saeid’s compliment of technical skills Detection Logic began an exponential increase of market share in the Class A Office commercial high rise buildings market. In 2005 Saeid was promoted to the Chief Technology Officer and Vice President. During this period Detection Logic began acquisition of other fire alarm companies. Saeid’s duties included managing the centralized Engineering Department (which was providing full engineering services to three branches in California) as well as controlling the engineering services of the newly acquired companies out of state.

On January 5th, 2009 a week after finalization of the sale of Detection Logic, Saeid left to start his own Fire Alarm Company.

Saeid founded Digifier, Inc. in March 2009. With Saeid’s project management skills coupled with over 25 years of various fields of engineering experience, Digifier provides cost efficient services without any impact to the installation and services quality. Due to Saeid’s supervision of the company operations with an emphasis on quality assurance, Digifier is well known by the commercial high rise building owners and management companies within a very short time frame and became the sole fire alarm service provider to multiple high rise buildings in Los Angeles County.

The ultimate goal of Digifier, Inc. described by the founder as: “To achieve the highest level of fire life safety through training and quality control by implementing the most cost effective methods available”.


Azadeh is a registered engineer in the states of California and Nevada, as well as British Columbia, Canada. Her profile includes successful management of projects large and small with quality work delivery.

Azadeh Rahvarian has over eighteen years of experience in providing engineering solutions for public and private sector clients. Her career with various global engineering companies has taken her to facilities overseas and across North America.

Azadeh has extended her expertise to manage the operations at Digifier, Inc. She is a systems thinker who is customer-focused and goal-driven. She serves as the Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for providing resources that lead to success and quality delivery of Digifier’s services. She ensures teamwork quality and company stability through implementation of standards, controls, systems, and procedures.

Azadeh’s main goal is to set strategies, vision, and policies for Digifier, promising customers a smooth-functioning and efficient company with excellent service.


Roel Aguilar majored in Architectural Technologies at LA Trade Technical College, with a minor in Engineering.

Roel Aguilar majored in Architectural Technologies at LA Trade Technical College, with a minor in Engineering, and graduated with honors. He joined Detection Logic alongside Saeid, where he implemented successful management strategies and oversaw complex projects in his role as senior systems supervisor. At Detection Logic, Roel refined and expanded his technical and managerial skillsets. His list of professional accomplishments includes his certifications in NICET, CET, and programming for multiple systems; installation of complex systems in high-rise buildings and large malls; finding creative solutions for customers with unique needs; program management; and more.

At Digifier, Roel is in charge of a variety of crucial functions. He manages all departments with the goal of providing flawless service. The Engineering Department benefits heavily from his expertise, as Roel verifies that all plans are up to code, liaises with the AHJ, and makes sure that each customer is provided with the perfect solution. In addition, he oversees all aspects of project management, coordinating with customers to create and execute project timelines that suit their schedule. 


Holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the California State University.

Adriana has worked for renowned fire alarm companies on large and small-scale projects. Developing marketing strategies to maximize sales potential. Developed and grew customer base within assigned territory.

Adriana is now responsible for overseeing and developing long term and strategic planning and pricing strategies. Focusing on continue and successful development of new and expanding existing accounts to achieve growth and profit. Ensuring account mangers and sales representative are continuously expanding knowledge and acquiring in depth selling and technical skills.


Digifier has invested heavily in its engineering function and is well known for its expertise and accuracy. Design and engineering are performed completely in house by a highly skilled team of experienced and educated professionals, and unlike many other fire alarm companies we do not rely on outsourcing. Upon joining the company, each engineer is required to undergo months of extensive training and apprenticeship prior to assignment to customer projects. Our training not only covers system design and deployment, but also includes detailed instructions on the fire codes under which our products and services are regulated.

Our team is familiar with local code requirements and plan review procedures. Engineering designs implement AHJ guidelines, reducing permit issuance delay significantly.

Customers can also take advantage of our engineering expertise through our consulting services.

Account Management

No one wants to deal with a project that’s over budget and behind schedule. That’s why Digifier always values the importance of providing the most accurate cost and labor estimate for every project it bids on. Prior to submitting a bid, our account managers work closely with our engineering and project management teams to provide customers with the most accurate estimate possible for the duration and cost of our work.

We take into consideration many factors before bidding on a project. Individual projects reap the rewards of our extensive knowledge base concerning appropriate fire detection requirements, code equivalency, and up-to-date solutions. Our customized, well-researched bids save our customers time and money in design, assembly, and operation. Our account management team’s exacting process of developing a bid ensures that our customers are provided with accurate, cost-effective solutions.
Our account managers follow their projects from the initial bid all the way to the final signoff. They are available at any time to answer questions, coordinate scheduling, solve problems, liaise with the AHJ, and more.


Digifier’s highly trained professional installation crews, consist of individual technicians who can do all parts of the installation themselves as well as work as a team to increase the progress of the projects and meet all of the customer deadlines while maintain the quality of installation. For our installation technicians safety is the first priority which will not be jeopardized for any reason. Continuous technical and safety training of the installation team gives the Customer and Digifier’s management peace of mind that the quality of installation and safety of the personnel will remain at the forefront of our overall project goals.

Project Management

Our project management team is always aware that time is of the essence, especially when people, property, and assets are at stake. Our team has established trust not only with our loyal customers, but also with local fire department authorities. Fire inspectors are involved immediately from the beginning of the project, allowing us to avoid discrepancies, plan resubmittals, and, most importantly to ourselves and our customers, change orders. This means projects are completed in a timely and cost-efficient manner. The project management team oversees all pre-tests and final tests on site to ensure the quality of installation, avert failed inspections, and keep your project on schedule.