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Digifier takes pride in every installation it performs from high rise office towers to small commercial properties. Our Installation team is comprised of fully trained and experienced technicians who strive to achieve accuracy and craftsmanship on the field.

Our team is aware of the importance of fire alarm safety and the responsibility it takes on with each installation. Our installation team will work around your schedule to suit your needs.


Testing and Inspection In accordance with our Service Plan Schedule, Digifier will perform fire alarm services per National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standards, the International Building Code (IBC), State of California Code of Regulations, all local Authority requirements and manufacturer instructions for inspection, testing, and maintenance.

Service and Maintenance include:

  • UL certified service organization

  • On-call 24 hour emergency maintenance response service with local stock replacement parts

  • Perform extensive testing and inspection by qualified and certified technicians
  • Expand existing systems to support customer needs and/or system modifications

  • Inspect and audit each system to identify any discrepancies or code violations


Digifier offers the following expert services to ensure your fire alarm system is working properly and in accordance with all current codes:

  • End-user Training

  • Testing and Inspections, including all compliance testing
  • Quarterly and Semi-annually audit and maintenance program


Digifier specializes in complete fire system and component inspections, ensuring your system is completely operational and up to current code. Our methods, diagnostic tools and data base management capabilities are state of the art, and all inspection and monitoring services are performed by trained technicians. Our expertise is not limited to any one manufacturer- we have detailed full-system expertise with every major brand and model system and components.

We are able to inspect and service your fire system for defects and code violations on a one time basis, and specialize in regular monitoring, maintenance and service on a contracted basis. Our customer base is represented by local property owners and management companies. Please give our Service department a call, and a qualified technician will be on the way to meet with you to address your specific requirements.


Cities in Los Angeles County may require different types of regular testing, on a quarterly, annual, or five-year schedule. Digifier is ready to help you through the testing process. Our Digifier-trained technicians can complete the testing during off hours or weekends so that your tenants won’t be disrupted. We are fully qualified to test the fire alarm, building communication, emergency lighting, and central station signaling systems, as well as other fire life safety features. Should the test include systems that require special certifications, such as the elevator, you can rely on us to bring in a reputable company from our network of subcontractors.



Everyone you send out is good. That’s why I bring you along to every building. You understand our needs. If I ever have to up grade anything, I know who to call.

That’s why I bring you along to every building. You understand our needs. If I ever have to up grade anything, I know who to call. Everyone you send out is good.